Lumen FidEh!

Lectio Mary by Dr. Brant Pitre Discussion

May 09, 2021 Caroline, Malena & Mark Season 1 Episode 10
Lumen FidEh!
Lectio Mary by Dr. Brant Pitre Discussion
Show Notes

Join us this month of May to learn further about our Mother Mary. Do you know why us Catholics pray to our Mother Mary?
This month we picked to learn further about Mary through the Lectio by Dr. Brant Pitre about Mary. Find out Mary and its role based on the Jewish traditions on the time of Jesus. There are three (3) principles you must consider when you are learning about Mary when looking into a Catholic perspectives:

  1. Understand that everything we believe about Jesus and Mary goes together. If you understand Jesus you will understand Mary.
  2. Typology - studying old and New Testament. Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) the image of Mary is woven entirely out of Old Testament threats. The portrait of the new Mary the threats are from the Old. We need to understand the Old Testament to make better sense of the role of Mary in the New Testament.
  3. Belief from Mary are NOT new - they are based on our initial Christians and the rise of our Church Fathers.

Learn further about Lectio Mary via the Augustine Institute, Formed, or Book.

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