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Holy Week by Dr. Brant Pitre

March 27, 2021 Caroline, Malena & Mark Season 1 Episode 7
Lumen FidEh!
Holy Week by Dr. Brant Pitre
Show Notes

Preparing for Passover? Are you curious about learning why we celebrate Holy Week as Catholics? It is amazing how people do not know the meaning behind Easter, why do we get Good Friday off?

These traditions are coming from our Catholic or Christian roots, this is the fulfillment of the prophecies from the Old Testament, where we get to spend 40 days of Lent, in preparation for the most precious sacrifice ever done for the people of the world.

As Catholics, Caroline, Malena and Mark, even know the celebration of our most important tradition as Catholics, we didn’t really know about what really happened throughout the whole week.

In this episode, we listen to the 1hr episode of “Holy Week” by Dr. Brant Pitre. In this episode we understood so many different levels of understanding the symbolism of all the different events throughout the week. Did you ever wonder what Jesus did on Holy Monday? Or that Holy Wednesday is called “Spy Wednesday” ?

Dr. Brand Pitre is a distinguished scholar of Jewish and Christianity studies. He has several publications, introduction to new Catholics books,  lectios which we highly recommend for anyone - whether you are a Catholic or not.

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