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Ode to St. Cecilia - Audiobook Review

November 30, 2022 Caroline, Malena & Mark Season 3 Episode 3
Lumen FidEh!
Ode to St. Cecilia - Audiobook Review
Show Notes

The Ode to Saint Cecilia, story written by Paul Mccusker and voiced by Hayley Atwell, Sir Derek Jacobi, Brian Blessed, Dame Sian Phillips, Gwilym Lee, Harry Lloyd and Jamie Parker. You can find this website or via audiobooks online.

Cecilia dedicated her mind to beauty and truth, she offered her heart to her faith and to the body of Christ. 

In this dramatic voice interpretation of this story, we immerse in the world of Rome during the third century, during the prosecutions of Christians in Rome. Offering her virtue and virginity with a vow of chastity, she dedicated her life to Jesus and converting non-believers.

Coming from a well of family in Rome, she was given in marriage to a Senator called Valerian. Having made a vow of chastity, Cecilia shares this with Valerian her Faith and tells him there is an Angel protecting her virtue and the only way to see him is for him to be baptised. Valerian with the company of his brother Tibertius, they get baptised and start the road of martyrdom.

Cecilia is the patron of Music and together with Valerian, Tibertius and Maximus, they represent the patrons of the Arts.

This is an adaptation to the inspiring story of Faith that Cecilia goes through in very difficult times in Rome. 

The adaptation towards having different sculptures, poets and musicians through time that get together “in a dream” and they are composing in one way or another a tribute to St. Cecilia. Making this piece realistic on how the creative process works and how St. Cecilia, Valerian, Tibertius and Maximus can intercede for us towards divine inspiration and creative thinking. 

Art is the visualisation of God’s beauty. Inspiration leads to a road to connect to God, good or bad, it provides that channel. Passions could be ephemeral, but love of God interpreted via any form of art, can last forever, as we have seen with St. Cecilia story and other great stories of artists through time that profess their love to God via their own medium.

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